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Expatriate retirement seems to be on the rise. According to a recent survey 3.5 million Americans in the baby boomer generation are considering retiring abroad. This is the beginning of what might be a massive trend when you consider that nationals from other parts of the world such as Asia, Europe and Latin America might be thinking about retirement in another country.


Need I say this is a very personal decision that needs to be carefully considered. That is why here, I would like to give you the opportunity to share your thinking on this matter. Just click on best place to retire and you will have a page to share your thoughts or experiences . Below I will tell you why I decided to choose Peru.

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Maria Luisa and I were living happily in Bakersfield, California, when we decided to move to Peru. I point that out so you can see that we didn’t do it because we were dissatisfied with our lives.

First, she is Peruvian so that was definitely a factor. I had the opportunity to visit several times and was familiar to some extent with the life-style in Lima.

Here are some of the other factors that went into our decision:

CULTURAL: I had lived in South America previously and spoke Spanish. I learned later that my Spanish wasn’t nearly good enough and I had to work to improve it. My wife comes from this culture.

COST OF LIVING: Living in Lima when we arrived was considerably less expensive than California.

HEALTH CARE: Much less expensive than in California. My wife as a health care specialist knew the best doctors. Quality of care I consider to be superior to California as well.

EMPLOYMENT: My wife had the offer of a nice position at a university. I planned to retire and spend my time writing and other activities.

ENVIRONMENT FOR EXPATRIATES: Peruvians are polite and friendly, especially to foreigners. In addition, I found a number of organizations that I could join which provided me with an active and satisfying social life, for example, the Rotary Club and Toastmasters.

HOUSING: We found a very comfortable house next to the beach . Note: Since we arrived housing prices while still lower than California, have been shooting up.

FOOD: Restaurants in Lima are wonderful and inexpensive. Peruvian food is now gaining a well deserved reputation for variety and excellence. Fresh fruit and vegetables in great variety are available in local markets and very inexpensive.

CLIMATE: The climate in Lima reminds me of San Francisco, but with less sunshine. It is cool and humid in the winter and warm and very humid in the summer. We have many grey days which some will find depressing, but I like it.

Well, those are some of the many factors we thought about before we made our move. No doubt, your list will be different.

I believe that we made a good decision.

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